VTrain Platform

No-code VR education constructor platform for transport workers

About us
VTrain Platform — a technology company developing a no-code constructor platform for production of VR education courses for transport system workers, making the course creation and training processes faster and cheaper than the traditional way.
The problems we are solving

Insufficient visual training resulting in transportation workers not fully understanding how to respond to emergencies.

Increased risk of incorrect or untimely actions endangering the lives of passengers, surrounding residents, transportation employees, ecology, and property.

Accidents in the transportation system

There were 1,478 transportation accidents (965 in railway) in Canada in 2020.

- canada.ca

Expensive and time-consuming process of creating VR courses in the traditional way

Full virtual reality training content can cost from $50,000 up to $150,000 or more. Hiring a 3D designer can cost between $100 and $200 an hour and anywhere from $150 to $300 an hour for a developer or programmer.

- roundtablelearning

Our solution

VR education constructor platform for transport workers:

  • Predefined 3D model set, animations and scripts for the transportation industry and the ability to upload custom content
  • No-code scene editor which allows for placement of models and configuration of the interaction with them
  • Opportunity to add custom modules to expand functionality
  • Administrator panel which receives user interaction data to analyze user success
Process Study

Intuitive course creation process - thanks to a simple and understandable constructor, which is designed specifically for the needs of VR training for transport employees, the creation process becomes fast and as simple as possible.

Full immersion
VR technology allows a transportation employees during training to get the maximum visual understanding of what needs to be done in a wide variety of emergency situations. That will help to take prompt action and save people's lives.
How it works
Take a look at our prototype developed for the nuclear power industry.
A script for a virtual guide was developed. Shooting of 360 production facilities was carried out. A virtual reality application was developed. VR equipment was installed for an exhibition stand. The application allows the user to get acquainted with the processes taking place at a uranium mining complex. The guide provides interactive tips that explain to the user which process they are currently watching.

Now we are in the process of developing an MVP based on the already existing modules - a constructor platform for creating courses by third-party users.

Developed the technology for VR training in the field of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan.


VR project in the geological field of Kazakhstan


VR project in the telecom field of Kazakhstan


Research of the North American transportation market

Marketing & Development. Conducted research of courses for Canadian transport workers and their descriptions for the adaptation to a VR constructor platform.


Development of the initial version (MVP) of the constructor platform for educational VR content for the transport industry in Canada

Preparation of the commercial version. First sales. The number of licence sales is projected at 200. Start of the development of a constructor platform for new fields.

Launch of a marketplace where developers can sell their courses. Conquering new markets. Number of projected licence sales - 900.

Our vision

To make the most efficient and simple VR training platform and marketplace for transport employees and VR developers in Canada.

VTrain Team
United by common values and goals
  • Artur Pak
    CEO, Cofounder
    It-entrepreneur (Ed Tech, e-commerce), business-trainer, ex-president of Korean business-club ”Koryoin” in Uzbekistan. Responsible for the strategic development and operational execution of the VTrain project and relations with external specialists.
  • Sergey Shek
    CTO, Cofounder
    It-entrepreneur (VR, Ed Tech, Digital Healthcare, IoT, Fintech). Astana hub accelerator winner. Member of a top 10 rated IT company in Kazakhstan. Sergey interacts with technical specialists, shapes product development, testing, and product strategy planning. Responsible for product preparation in accordance with ISO, HACCP safety standards
  • Dmitriy Abdushukurov
    CMO, Cofounder
    PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Graduate of Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers. Entrepreneur (Construction, AI). Dmitry is engaged in creating an attractive marketing image of our company and product, negotiations with potential clients, and research of the needs of the Canadian market.
  • Firdaus Khamdamov
    PHP, Java, Java Script, Unity, C# developer
  • Igor Omelianchuk
    Advisor in Canada

    Area of Expertise: AR/VR Technologies, Research & Development, GIS

    CEO and Co-Founder of Corsac Technologies Corporation
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
+998 99 848 55 88
Yunusabad 13, Tashkent, Uzbekistan